Barefoot Bowling

Looking for a different way to party? One that doesn't cost the earth, that is fun and where everyone gets to let their hair down… Then consider barefoot bowls for your next hens or bucks night.

We have 4 different packages available at a fantastic Yarraville location. Barefoot bowling is suitable for all ages, sizes and skill levels. Our packages include bowls hire and a coach who will show you everything you need to know for a competitive and enjoyable lawn bowl session.

If you are considering booking bowls on a Saturday, please note that the earliest time available is 4:30pm as the club is booked out for their regular Saturday competition. Last bowls are at 8:30pm and the greens are closed during winter late June until August 30th.


Bucks package #1 Bucks package #2 Hens package #1 Hens package #2



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