Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne

A bucks isn't just about getting drunk and having strippers. Doing fun activities throughout the day and night gets everyone involved and ensures you are more than ready by the time it comes to the "adult entertainment". We have an array of entertainment available to make your celebration loads of fun. So if you're stuck for bucks party ideas in Melbourne then take a look at some of the great things we have an offer. All of our services can be packaged with food, female strippers, topless waitresses and venue hire, to take the hard work out of organising your bucks night.

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Bucks Games

bucks party fun and gamesChase Entertainment created this page to give the best man, groomsmen and great friends of the groom to be a place to get ideas for your parties as well as reduce the stress of trying to figure out what to do for those who are new at planning a bucks day! Below you will find a selection of games which will add in some fun, laughter and memories to the day.

Take some great friends, add a great atmosphere and some bucks night party games and the night will be one to remember!

Don't Say A Word - Have the best man or buck tell everyone what word or words cannot be stated during the evening or it is a mandatory drinking moment. Such words as bucks party, stripper, swear word, the bride's name, etc are fun words to choose. See who gets caught the most and who can stay clear of the words chosen which makes for a fun bucks party game!

Ball and Chain - Bucks parties are synonymous with a ball n chain around the bucks ankle. Get an inflatable bachelor ball n chain and also a marker that writes on plastic. Have all your guests sign the ball for a memento of the weekend. If you get a fine point marker, don't press too hard to puncture the blow up ball. The finer plastic writing pen (we suggest gold colour) will give you the chance to write some funny comments as well.

Bucks Party Titsbee - Take the old game of football Frisbee and add a Frisbee in the shape of a boobie and you have football titsbee! This small little titsbee is light and easy to carry for any bucks party outing. Whip it out and throw it around, no matter where you are. You are sure to attract some attention and have some fun!

Monkey Madness - Have all the guys get Pecker Key chains and place them on the front of your pants. See which groomsman can get the most girls to touch the monkey when you all ask "Will you squeeze my Monkey?" It has become a bucks night favourite and you can purchase them at most adult novelty stores.

Pin The Boobs on the Babe - This game is sure to make every guy laugh as they try to attach the cardboard boobs on the poster of the woman. This game is also available from adult shops. Scavenger Hunt - Have the guys come up with 10 things the Bachelor has to do. We have listed some ideas for you below:

sexy girla) Kiss a girl with the same name as your Fiancé.
b) Have a girl buy you a drink.
c) Get a girl's underwear.
d) Have the girl do a body shot off of you (friends can help get the girl).
e) Dance by yourself on the dance floor.
f) Get a lap dance from a stripper or a girl at a bar.
g) Get a tampon from a girl.
h) Have ten girls write on a piece of paper why it is wrong for you to get married.
i) Serenade a girl at a bar that you don't know.
j) Find a hens party or a party of girls and get in a picture with them.

Scavenger Hunt - Have all the guys go out on a scavenger hunt that is set up by the Best Man or a friend. Give the guys clues as they drive or walk around to their next clue. You can even add in drinking, which would occur after each clue is found. It would be important to have a sober driver or a limo/bus service.

Funniest Story - Have the guys tell the funniest stories they have experienced with the buck. This is a great way for people to get to know one another. Give a small prize or purchase a lap dance for the guy who has the funniest story.

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