Bucks Party Packages in Melbourne

Chase Strippers has many ideas when it comes to bucks party entertainment in Melbourne.

We’ve created some mild to wild packages so all the hard thinking is done for you!!!

Our packages start from $500 up to $2000 and beyond. You can have these packages at your house, sporting club, private venue, hotel or apartment.

Click on each bucks package for more details.

Package 1 - $600

Package 2 - $680

Package 3 - $850

Package 4 - $1020

Package 5 - $820

Package 6 - $980

Package 7 - $1220

Package 8 - $1310

Package 9 - $1100

Package 10 - $1440

Package 11 - $1670

Package 12 - $1980

Package 13 - $2180


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Bucks Night in Melbourne - tips to organise it!

melbourne bucks drinkingIf you are planning a bucks party, one of the most memorable parts of the evening will be the bucks party games and entertainment you organise. There are so many activities and games to choose from so where do you start???

An important aspect when figuring out what to bring to the party is knowing the temperament of the buck. Does he embarrass easily, does he want a classy bucks night, does he want to go away and have the party last a whole weekend or does he want you to bring on the craziest things can you think of! Also take into consideration the venue or house you are going to have the bucks party in. Make sure the games and entertainment is appropriate for the place and audience that will be around you. If Grandad is invited you might like to have a topless waitress at the start of the night and then have the stripper arrive after he goes home! But one thing we can’t stress enough is to be ORGANISED!

Here’s some handy tips to keep in mind when planning a bucks party:

Entertainment: If you ring a couple of months in advance you can usually be granted your first choice when choosing a particular female stripper, lingerie waitress or topless barmaid. It will also help when planning your night as most guys will want a schedule to run to and certain times for girls to arrive.

Early Start: You may be wanting to fit as much into a bucks day as possible which is great but it can also have its downfalls. If for example you're considering a day at the races which is usually an 11am start, do you think the buck will still be standing at 11pm? Probably not! All depends on how hard you go during the day but we suggest if you plan a big day at the races it might be a good idea to go back to someone’s house and have a stripper there and order pizzas. If you have a big bunch of rowdy blokes clubs simply won't let you in.

Budget: Men usually have a bit more money to splash around for bucks nights than girls do for hens nights. In saying this though you still have to keep some kind of budget in check. We have fantastic food and beverage packages at city locations which includes free room hire. They start at $50 per head and include unlimited beer, wine and softdrink consumption for 3 hours. Finger food can be added for an extra $10 per head or pub meals at $20.

Getting Around: The worst thing about going out as a group is getting around as a group. Taxi's won't always pick up groups of men late at night and having to keep 20 guys together is sometimes impossible. Well not with us! Party buses are the best and cheapest way to party. They will pick you up early evening, take you around to a few bars, pubs or clubs (with free entry of course) and then leave the city at 1:30am to drop you home. We even pick up in country Victoria so it's much cheaper than organising accommodation for the night.

waitress with beerBucks Weekends: If you’re wanting to make a weekend of it a lot of people hire holiday homes on the coast or house boats in Echuca. But if the buck wants a weekend away with a bevvy of beautiful women passing through keep in mind that travel charges will apply. Strippers and topless waitresses are happy to travel to country areas but the extra travel charge on top can really boost the prices.

Packages: Leave all the organising to us. Give us a few ideas of what the buck might like to do and a rough price per head that everyone wants to spend and we will organise a fun filled day or night for everyone.

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