Hens Night Ideas in Melbourne

We have an array of entertainment available to make your hens party loads of fun. So if you're stuck for hens night ideas in Melbourne then take a look at some of the great games and activities we have an offer. All of our services can be packaged with food, male strippers, topless waiters and venue hire, to take the hard work out of organising your hens celebration.

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Chase created this page to give the maid of honour, sisters, bridal party members and great friends of the bride to be a place to get ideas for your parties as well as reduce the stress of trying to figure out what to do for those who are new at planning a hens day! Below you will find a selection of games which are a great way to keep the cost down but increase the fun.

Hens Party Games

Fun games are the key to having a good hens night party or an awesome hens night party. Take some great friends, add a great atmosphere and some hens night party games and the night will be one to remember! On top of the games, don't forget to organise a male strip show to really energise the night!


You need: 6 plastic penis shaped straws
1 empty wine bottle

Place an empty wine bottle upright on the floor. Taking turns, each player will stand over the bottle and she will receive 6 penis shaped straws. The object of the game is to drop the straws one by one into the wine bottle. The player’s hand should not drop below her waist. Each straw that lands in the bottle counts as one point. The player with the most points wins the game. In the case of a tie “empty” another bottle of wine and have a tiebreaker and so on until there is one official winner! For a prize we recommend a nice bottle of wine. Don’t forget to use the straws to sip your favourite drinks afterwards.


Supplies: 1 block of moulding clay per person

Each player is given a block of moulding clay to mould “The Perfect Penis”. Before they submit their masterpieces to the hen for judging each person must think of a name for their penis. For example Harry, Big John, Long Schlong, Stumpy or Jimmy. The hen must choose which sculpture she likes the best. That penis sculpture will become the hen’s party mascot for the evening and the hen must carry him along with her for the rest of the night! (if you need to keep costs down put people into pairs or groups).


Supplies: 1 male blow up doll
1 timer
Dance music

Crack up the tunes and get each player to dance for one minute with the blow up doll. It could be a wild and crazy dance or sexy and seductive. After everyone has a turn take a group vote to determine who performed the best dance. Now it’s the hens turn to dance with him, make her take him out to the clubs with her!

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