Hens Night Packages in Melbourne

Chase Strippers has many ideas when it comes to hens party entertainment.

We understand that it can get costly when organising a hens night. Our packages start from just a few hundred dollars. You can have these at your house, private venue, hotel or apartment. Chase has a great selection of hens night packages in Melbourne including venues, strippers, and male waiters, to take the hassle out of organising a hens party.

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Package 1 - $500

Package 2 - $650

Package 3 - $550

Package 4 - $630

Package 5 - $850

Package 6 - $800

Package 7 - $450

Package 8 - $480

Package 9 - $520

Package 10 - $560

Package 11 - $800

Package 12 - $850


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Hens Night in Melbourne - things to consider!

champagne for hensThe most important thing about organising a memorable "Hens Party" is by making sure that you are ORGANISED! The more organised you are the easier the party will run and it will be less stressful on you and the other bridesmaids. Of course some things can’t be organised until a few days before or on the day/night but if you are looking at booking any kind of entertainment, function room or activity ensure you book in advance as we get enquiries anywhere up to 12 months in advance and actual bookings 4 months ahead. By doing this it also lets the guests plan ahead with organising money, accommodation and babysitters!

When thinking of hens night ideas there's a few things to remember:

Guests – If Aunts, Mothers and Grandmothers are coming they will not want to be in some seedy nightclub until the wee hours of the morning. We suggest a classy topless barman, games and lots of drinks before going out. Or start the party in the late afternoon and go out for a nice dinner then send the oldies home!

Budget – Most women won’t be able to afford to spend hundreds on a hens night so keep a budget in mind. Our party buses are a fantastic idea as they pick you up from your desired location, take you around to pubs and clubs (including a male review strip show) and then leave the city at 1:30am to take you home. Heaps cheaper than a taxi, everyone stays together and you can belt out some tunes on the karaoke as you drive along. Another option is to have the party at someone's house. All our waiters, strippers and other entertainment come to private homes.

Hens Night Strippers – We have some fantastic new strippers who are young and hot! But if your bride to be is adamant she doesn't want a male stripper then the alternative is to hire a topless waiter. The cost of having a waiter for a whole 2 hours is cheaper than a stripper for 15 minutes. They cook, clean, play games, make drinks, serve food and most of all pay lots of attention to the hen!

City or Suburbs – If you're put off by how much it costs to have a night out in the city, and with some guests saying they want to go clubbing and others don’t we have a simple solution...book an apartment! We know a few places that you can hire an apartment for the night smack bang in the city. It doubles up as a pre-party place and also accommodation for the night. There's ovens that you can heat food up in, a big bathtub perfect for bags of ice to keep drinks cold and beautiful views across the city. It will also be cheaper as you don’t have to pay bar prices for food and drinks and the main activities for the night can be here. You can have topless waiters and male strippers in the apartment as long as you book something big enough and have them before midnight. And for those who want to stay at the apartment they can go to bed and for the rest of the party animals they can go out and sleep back there later!

Invitations – On your invitations make sure you include a strict RSVP date. It is also a good idea to get a small deposit off everyone within the first couple of weeks and then follow up the rest of the money no more than 2 weeks before the actual hens day. Its happened way too many times before where girls change their minds at last minute and pull out. They will think twice if they have paid a deposit and it also covers you if you have booked something with a minimum number of guests.


Other party ideas that may interest you to make your Melbourne Hens Party a celebration to remember are:

  • Holiday houses in Torquay, Sorrento, Portsea and Rosebud.
  • Theatre restaurants
  • The Tramcar Restaurant
  • Winery tours
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Treasure Hunts
  • A marquee at the races
Includes organising tips, lots more games, food and drink ideas, jokes and other funny stuff.


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