Our Shows

We have a great selection of strip shows for you to choose from. So if you have an event coming up in Melbourne or in regional Victoria, pick a show, and a girl and let the entertainment begin!

Raunchy show    
Is a good starter show for the night involving oils, moisturisers and open leg work. Involves nudity but you can request the g string left on if a mixed party.

Bubblebath show     
Our showgirl will finish her performance lathered up in a baby bath sometimes with the buck!

Strawberries & Cream show  
The guys will use her body as a dessert platter with whipped cream and strawberries or lollies, yum!

Fatagram show
She will free up every ounce while making sure everyone is entertained with her cheeky / embarrassing show.

Raunchy with the lot show
3 show in 1 including a raunchy, bubblebath and strawberries and cream show
Hot Vibe show
Not just vibrators and dildo’s....pearls and lollypops too!

Bubblebath Vibe show     
The same as a hot vibe show but includes a bubblebath show as well.  

Fruit & Veg show
Love bananas, carrots or cucumbers? Funny show including vibrators as well.

Chase Special show
Extra hot vibrator and dildo show with bubblebath and strawberries and cream.

Golden Shower show
Use your imagination for this one as well! Very entertaining show and not messy.

Greek Anal show
Vibrators put in all the right or should that be tight spots.

Cum Show     
Unique show involving vibrators as well, the guys go wild over Carlie and rate her show very highly.

Everything but the kitchen sink show     
Seriously everything but the kitchen sink, a blow your mind 25 minuteshow. Jas B’s specialty show.

Squirt Ejeculation show    
You’ve seen it in dvd’s now see it in real life!!!

Fist show     
Includes vibes as well, use your imagination for the rest!

Champagne Shower Show
Vibes and strawberries with a champagne explosion, finishing off with a sexy bubblebath performed.

Greek Anal with the lot show
Includes vibes, fruit and veg, golden shower and finishing with an orgasm. 45 minute action packed show performed by Carlie

Hamburger with the lot show
Includes strap on, vibes, light up candles, fruit and veg, pearls,lollipops and finishing with a golden shower. performed by Josie.

Double Lesbian Raunchy show
Raunchy double lesbian show. Includes kissing, petting and licking.

Double lesbian with vibe show
2 girls doing what they do best! Licking, Petting, Kissing, Vibrators, Double Enders.