The Granny is Upon Us!

It’s that one day in September where everyone gets to together for an aussie bbq to celebrate AFL Grand Final Day.
This year it’s the poos and the wees (Hawthorn) and the Swannies.

Here in the Chase office we don’t have a favourite, both teams are equally as deserving to be in the final.

So what else are you planning for this weekend? BBQ, beers…maybe some half time entertainment?? We have lots of gorgeous showgirls still available for sexy strips at that popular timeslot. What about quarter and three quarter time?? Well we can help!!

Book one of our yummy topless barmaids to keep the cold beers and food flowing all day. Whip out the tongs and watch as she turns your sausages on the barbie.

But Grand Final day isn’t just for the lads…girls are allowed to have some fun too! Let the boys nick off for their little shindig while you get the girls around for your own. Who cares if you don’t even watch the footy, it’s just a good excuse to get some decent eye candy around in the form of a hunky topless waiter.

Whatever you choose for this weekend I’m sure it will be a ripper day!

Go Hawkers and Swannies!