Australia Day Celebrations

Australia Day...There's no more perfect day to celebrate everything Aussie! Tits, snags, beer and a mighty awful hangover the next day!

Our office is open on the Saturday and Sunday taking bookings for this long weekend.

However Monday we will be taking a much needed day off.

We have oodles of topless waitresses available to serve you up a sosso with a bit of sauce and onion in bread along with a cold frothie. If that's not enough why not ask your sexy waitress for a lap dance or hire one of our female strippers to come out and do a choreographed strip show.

If your wife isn’t too happy about this tell her that we have hot topless guys as well!

Prices for our topless ladies are $100 per hour and it's $80 per hour for the men.
So get crackalackin’ this Australia Day folk!!!