Fatagrams Call Now!

We are on the hunt for a new female fatagram stripper. We knock back at least 10 calls a week for fatagrams so if you know anyone who is larger than life give us a call and we will be happy to train them. It's one of those hard things to advertise for. Its not like you can just go up to someone really overweight in the street and say 'Hey you'd make a great fatagram, can i have your number?!?' They earn great $$$ and only have to work on Saturdays. The majority of the partys are mixed older crowd birthdays and the crowds are always very receptive and fun.

Another type of stripper in melbourne that we want to recruit is a grannygram, geekygram and trannygram. Not everyone wants to go with booking traditional male strippers or female strippers in Melbourne. People are always looking for something different and something to always remember.

On a different note whilst busy taking lots of bookings we are keeping a close watch on the Australia Open. Good luck to all the Aussie tennis players and we hope to see one of you in the final!



Not a fatagram