Queensland Staff Wanted

This is a shout out to all those hunky Queensland guys! We will be up in Queensland from the 6th-9th February interviewing for new topless waiters/barmen and male strippers.

Do you know anyone who fits the bill? They need to be outgoing, reliable, funny, entertaining, have a good physique and be happy to look after several ladies at once!

Sounds like a good job and it is! We are finding more and more that women are tending to book topless waiters over other types of entertainment for hens nights. Our sexy waiters not only mingle and chat with the ladies but they play games, cook and clean up too!

There is a minimum 2 hour booking for each guy but most parties book the guys for up to 4 hours to have the most fun! Our topless waiters wear black slacks, black shoes and a black bowtie.

So come on Queensland guys...it's the easiest and funniest job ever!